What is a PDF?


I’m sure you’ve seen a PDF thousands of times, but what is it exactly? PDF stands for “portable document format.” Basically it’s a file format that captures text and graphics and displays it like a printed document. Why is this a useful format? PDFs are great if you want to preserve the original document’s graphic appearance (like a brochure or a magazine article).

How Can I View a PDF?

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You’ll need software like Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, etc. in order to view and use PDF files. If you want to create PDF files, Acrobat products start at about $70 but can go upwards to $300! But most people just want to view PDF files and if you want to do that, you can use a free plug-in—a program that you can easily install with your web browser.

What is a PDF Converter?

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In simple terms, a PDF converter changes any PDF file that you might have into another file format like Word, HTML, PowerPoint, Excel, and so forth. A PDF can be converted in many different ways. Sometimes a converted format will just show you the plain text—that is, basic text without formatting, some converters will just extract an image from a PDF.